HP Storage

HP offfers two MSA Storage Models which are the HP P2000 G3 Modular Smart Array System and the new HP MSA 2040 Storage. 

The HP P2000 G3 Modular Smart Array System delivers affordable, high-performing modular SAN arrays offering 8 Gb FC, Combo FC/iSCSI, 6Gb SAS, and 10GbE or 1GbE iSCSI connectivity. All P2000 G3 models come with a 64 snapshot capability standard with a 512 snapshot upgrade option, as well as optional Remote Snap software (replication) on all FC and iSCSI models.

The new HP MSA 2040 Storage arrays are positioned to provide an excellent value for customers who need increasing performance to support initiatives such as consolidation and virtualization. Utilizing traditional spinning hard drive technologies or the latest solid-state drives (SSDs), the MSA 2040 Converged SAN delivers outstanding performance by leveraging a new controller architecture with 4 GB of cache per controller andfour ports of FC and/or iSCSI traffic.

Key Features & Benefits of HP P2000 G3 MSA Systems

Easily managed, highly affordable, and highly efficient storage consolidation

  • The P2000 G3 MSA Systems offer a choice of drives: high-performance, enterprise-class dual-ported SAS drives and low cost, high capacity SAS MDL, or archival class SATA MDL drives. The array head comes with either 12 or 24 drive bays that are able to simultaneouslyaccommodate all three drive types.
  • The P2000 G3 MSA comes standard with 64 snapshots and Volume Copy cloning capability enabled. Snapshots can be optionally boosted to 512 snaps, and the P2000 G3 FC, FC/iSCSI Combo, and both 1GbE and 10GbE iSCSI models support the Remote Snap (replication)software option.

Start small and grow in number of supported servers and total capacity— adaptable to changing needs

  • P2000 G3 MSA allows you to grow your storage as demands increase from 600 GB to 57.6 TBSAS, 384 TB SAS MDL, or 192 TB SATA MDL. The P2000 G3 MSA Systems can support 7 LFF enclosures and 96 drives or 5 SFF enclosures and a maximum of 149 drives. Single or dual controllers accommodate any budget.
  • P2000 G3 MSA Systems have more than sufficient LUN flexibility for a wide variety ofconfiguration choices, with 512 LUNs and greater than 40 TB LUN size depending on the RAID chosen.

Comprehensive data protection in an easily-administered SAN environment

  • Reduce risk of IT failure with dual active/active controllers, dual-ported drives, and redundant hardware components.
  • Reduce time-to-operation with easy and enhanced deployment, reduced risk from operator errors that result in less downtime and data loss, while increasing customer satisfaction. Supports customer replaceable hot-plug components such as drives, controllers, fans, and power supplies.
  • Upgrade easily with support of prior generations of G1 and G2 models, regardless of protocol.The HP P2000 G3 FC, FC/iSCSI Combo, SAS, 10GbE or 4-port 1GbE iSCSI controllers support data-in-place upgrades to the older models, thereby protecting your investment in JBODs and drives, and delivering greater performance and functionality.


Key Benefits of HP MSA 2040 Storage

Simple: Flexible architecture. Easy to setup. Easy to manage

  • Choice of 8 Gb/16 Gb FC, 1 GbE/10GbE iSCSI and 6Gb/12Gb SAS to match the configuration needs of your SAN infrastructure.
  • Deploy single or dual controllers depending on high-availability and budgetary requirements.
  • Select large or small form factor disk enclosures with choice of high-performance SSDs, Enterprise-class SAS or SAS Midline drives based on application, performance, and budget needs.
  • Integrated setup and management tools for MSA are easy to manage for ProLiant/BladeSystem IT managers.

Fast: The MSA 2040 sets new standards for $/IOPS in entry SAN, 3x to 4x today’scompetition

  • New high-performance controller architecture delivering up to 4x the performance of today’sother entry-level SAN arrays.
  • New MSA 2040 4-port controller architecture with 4GB cache supporting the latest FC, iSCSI &SAS interfaces translates into better application response time and the ability to support more virtualized workloads.
  • SSD support with integrated lifecycle management improves application performance and allows customers to reduce their operating costs by reducing foot prints and power consumption.

Future proof: 2x the bandwidth and the first entry SAN with 16Gb FC and now 12Gb SAS

  • Converged SAN Controller ports are upgradeable by SFPs to 8Gb/16Gb FC, and/or 1GbE/10GbiSCSI. The MSA 2040 SAS controller supports 6Gb or 12Gb SAS facilitating ultra-high performance with or without required dedicated SAN infrastructure.
  • 4th generation of MSA’s unique Data-in-Place upgrades provides unmatched investment protection.