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Having a backup software is not enough, what's next ? 

You need a plan to avoid disruption & minimize downtime to ensure business continuity

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Whenever a disaster strikes, you need a plan to systematically recover your IT infrastructure, your people and your business back online. This is a disaster reco

Introduce key concepts such as a program management, risk awareness, identification of critical functions / process in disaster recovery such as recovery strategies, training, awareness and exercising.

Benefits for creating a
Disaster Recovery Plan

Minimize the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and maximize business productivity

Standardize to response to disaster and minimize the decision making time
Minimize financial impact downtime and operational risks

Provide confidence & assurance for data, application and operating system can be recovered and running within RTO.

Fulfill the expectations of business continuity process & risk mitigation exercise.

Establish a Functional Disaster Recovery Plan

Identify Risk

Identify the data protection and recovery strategy, and the business impact during disaster

Access Risk

To determine the potential impacts to the entity, enabling the entity to determine the most effective use of resources to reduce these potential impacts.

Analyze the Gaps

Analyze the findings to ascertain any gaps between the business requirements and the ability to deliver those requirements

Define Requirement 

Develop and implement a DRP, to ensure that any DR incident is coordinated with internal and external organization in a timely and effective manner

Establish an exercise

Assess and maintain of a DRP, to achieve a state of readiness.

Communication Plan

Ensure that the crisis communication plan will provide for timely and effective communication with internal and external parties.

Our Offerings

DR Workshop

Provide the awareness 
  • A proper DRP
  • IT solutions (include software/ network/ hardware) for DR
  • identify the recovery gaps for people and technology
  • sample workplan for DRP

DRP Consulting Service

  • Provide assessment for a DR
  • Provide risks and gaps analysis on for Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Provide best practices for DRP
  • Establish a written plan for DRP involving escalation procedures, personnel to be involved and IT technology to be deployed
  • Establish a DR drill procedure

Disaster Recovery Services

    • DRP Consulting Services
    • Provide expertise for data recovery with RTO and RPO specification
    • Provide expertise to execute the DRP
    • Regular assessment services to update DR plan
    • Involvement in DR drill exercise