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Data Storage

Transforming your data storage

Corporate data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. The ability to harness that data is what will ultimately differentiate your business from competitors. Regardless of type or amount, how you store your data is critical. We have expertise in cloud, flash, object-based and enterprise storage. We can help you determine the best data storage solution based on your specific retrieval needs – whether you’re dealing with day-to-day data or legal storage requirements.

Cloud Storage


Attributes such as high availability and simpler provisioning have led many to include cloud storage in their infrastructure already, with many more organizations planning on adding it in the near future. However, careful attention must be given to the actual cost and other benefits, particularly as capacity requirements increase. Compliance, security, and privacy requirements also need special consideration. 

We can help define or re-architect storage solutions that include cloud and deliver clear benefits.

  • Better manageability and efficiency

  • Quicker time to market

  • Faster backup and recovery

  • Flex capacity and scalability

  • Environments optimized for security

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Data Protection

Our data environments are sprawling — across on-premises, cloud, hybrid, multicloud, etc. Data itself can flow between regions and cloud providers, making data protection and recovery exercises in agility. Compliance adds an extra layer of complexity. And yet, there is much to be gained.

Most traditional storage and backup resources are stretched to the limits — and it’s time to modernize. Whether you want to adopt the latest storage technology, consider hybrid cloud options, or evaluate flash, object, and backup storage solutions, we can help.



Find the right solution fits your business.