Data Protection

Why everyone need data protection?

Hacker /Ransomware Attack

Data loss due to Disasters

Data loss due to Computer Failure

Data loss due to 
Human Errors


Find the right solutions for your company.

Cloud Convergence

Delivers intuitive cloud and on premise data protection for all business. Providing an unified, web console and recover any individual workload.

Recovery Time Objective

Instant restore allows you to reduce RTO to seconds in few clicks by running any physical or virtual systems backup

Encryption Technology

Improve regulatory compliance & the validity of recovery, by ensuring the integrity of your data backups with 128-bits of encryption on disk or tapes.

Multiple Platforms

Allows you to back up different types of physical, virtual, cloud and end-user PC/desktops, and recover to dissimilar hardware platforms

Active Protection

Eliminates the need to recover from ransomware attacks by proactively defending the systems 

Data Control

You have the complete control over the location of your data, systems and backups