VERITAS NetBackup 8.2

Optimizing Your Backup Strategy Against Ransomware

Reduce costs and complexity with operational efficiencies

Hybrid cloud environment drive up costs and complexity associated with managing fragmented point products. With net backup , enterprise can reduce management overhead and the resources required for cloud backups, deployments, upgrades and daily operations. A simplified user experience enables automation and integration of netbackup with custom or third-party application and platforms including vRealize, ServiceNow and more. Streamline management of cloud and other modern workload to help deploy and push upgrades to servers faster.

Managed business risks secure compliance and governance

With NetBackup , you can minimize & mitigate risks that come from disasters, malicious attacks, and operational failure. Improve accountability & proactively strengthen security to enable compliance & governance with role-based access & storage, external certificate authority, a two factor authentication process, proactive smart metering licensing models, & dynamic NAT .

Prepare for the future in hybrid cloud environments

Accelerate adoption to the cloud with an end-to-end data protection strategy. Whether you want to backup to the cloud, automate DR to the cloud or in the cloud or archive to the cloud, NetBackup has you covered with over 40 certified public cloud connectors. Only NetBackup CloudCatalyst enables faster backup of data to the cloud and uses the cloud as a DR site ondemand. Backups to the cloud are deduplicated with the fastest performance in the industry, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with cloud storage and eliminating the need to rehydrate data and use third party cloud gateways. 

Expanded support for modern workloads and databases

NetBackup 8.2 extend capabilities, enhancements and expansions for modern workloads. New capabilities include agentless recovery everywhere for VMware that supports granular file recovery and enables organizations to protect hundreds of thousands of Virtual Machines. Enhanced features enable faster recovery for Nutanix workloads. And Veritas has expanded support for workloads including Red Hat Virtualization, OpenStack and containers for virtualization environments, and Microsoft SQL AG, and MongoD

Backup Repository

Tape Library 

Tape has been used for decades to preserve and protect data, and today more than ever tape is the best choice for long-term storage. Not only that, but tape has emerged as a key part of cloud and hyperscale infrastructures. The biggest data centers on the planet are using tape, and using it extensively.

Hard Disk 

Protect and manage your data with a fast ,secure and most efficient protection storage appliance to simplify and obtain operational efficiencies for multi-cloud workloads. Ordinary disk volumes can be organized into disk pools under NetBackup control.

NetBackup Appliance

NetBackup is available as part of an integrated backup appliance, which performs sources and target deduplication and removes the need for separate master or media server. NetBackup can orchestrate hardware snapshots using proprietary capabilities from vendors such as NetApp , Dell EMC, HDS, HPE and Pure Storage. Integrate multiple components into a single device, streamlining management, operation and support and saving your money and critical IT resources.

Off-site Storage

NetBackup supports a growing list of third-party cloud storage providers such as AWS,Microsoft Azure and Google that can be easily incorporated into NetBackup policies. And , with NetBackup CloudCatalyst, backup data is dedupilcated before being quickly transferred and efficiently stored within the cloud. Cloud based backup can help provide flexibility,convenience, and potentially even cost savings.

Build a reliable NetBackup Solution

Enhanced Security For NetBackup 

Prevention should always be a top priority. Ensure that NetBackup servers have the same level of protection as all other systems, including firewalls, antivirus, malware detection , installing OS security updates & other prevention measures that have been implemented with your organization.

Architecture Planning for NetBackup

Download & install the latest NetBackup version to ensure all known software vulnerabilities have been addressed. This practice should be done regularly, as soon as possible once a patch or fix is made available.

Fine Tuning For Backup Performance

It's easy to schedule regular backups, but sometimes problems may occur that prevent backups from successfully completing . If these problems are not addressed they can result in unprotected data. Resolve these problems in a timely manner to maintain full protection.

NetBackup Health Check /Assessment

Very often the only way to identify certain problems or verify restorability is to run tests restores on a periodic basis. A simple test restore of one file can help identify possible problems that may not reveal themselves during regular backups.

Value added services of NetBackup

24/7 On-site Customer Support

Finding difficulty on phone support ? We provide customer on-site support for you at your door step. We act as a single point of contact for customers hardware and software support maintenance, so that there is not finger-pointing and take you round, and round the world.

Renewal License

Is it time to renewal for NetBackup maintenance ? We value-add our license utilization service for you before you renew, so that you have a clear idea what are in-use and what are not. By renewing on-time, you ensure that you continue to receive these key benefits,and protect your business. 

NetBackup Managed Services

If you haven't had the right technical team to manage your day-to-day NetBackup operation, try out our NetBackup Managed Services. We provide comprehensive on-site and off-site coverage for your day-to-day backup and recovery operation. What's next ? You just need to review our bi-weekly report, and we do the rest for you. Enable you to avoid the time and expenses to operating and managing resiliency solutions.

Education & Training 

Need to train on someone newly join ? Feeling out-date and need to catch up with the new technology ? Let us help you with the operational briefing, and all the way to advanced administrator class. We also provide technology update for your team to gain visibility on what new features on the latest version.