Protect your Office 365

Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Office 365 is your responsibility

78% of companies plan to use or already use Office 365 cloud based business platform which is 70,000,000 users and the number of Office 365 users is estimated to grow significantly by 2018

70% use email

49% use OneDrive

46% use Office applications

41% use SharePoint Online

But many businesses lack the proper Office 365 data protection 

"Point-in-time restoration of mailbox items is out if the scope of the (Office 365) Exchange service."

According to Microsoft TechNet Article.

Fact 1

Office 365 built-in backup is not built-in

Fact 2

29% of companies don't protect their cloud data

Fact 3

80% of companies have lost data in the cloud

Protecting Office 365 is your responsibility

Here's what you should do: 

Back up your Office 365 to another location by implementing 3-2-1 data protection strategy:

3 Copies

2 Types of storage media

1 Offsite: on-premises or in another cloud