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Highlights & Insights

Veritas NetBackup 10 - The Best-in-class enterprise backup and recovery

NetBackup (NBU) is premier data protection solution for VMware. It provides automated protection and optimized recovery for virtual machines

Top 10 reason to choose NetBackup

  1. Turnkey NetBackup enterprise data protection

  2. Agile, container-based architecture

  3. Ransomware resiliency

  4. Minimized planned and unplanned downtime

  5. Fast and simple installs and upgrades

  6. Consolidation with flexibility

  7. Multi-tenant technology

  8. Enterprise data protection from edge to core to cloud

  9. High-confidence migrations to new versions of netbackup

  10. Driven by APIs

Multi Cloud Optimized

NetBackup 10 provides secure, resilient, reducing data protection gaps by minimizing human error and time consuming administrative task with all these new capabilities:

  • Integrated SaaS application data protection

  • Integrated multi-cloud analytics and insights

  • Kubernetes multi-cloud recovery

  • Subscription licensing

  • Cloud scale technology

  • Enhanced cyber-resiliency

NetBackup Integrated SaaS application data protection

  • With NetBackup organization can discover, monitor, protect and secure data across all applications and environments from a single console.

  • Including auto-discovery of new users, mailboxes and folders without any administrator action.

  • Flexible restore options including the original or alternate locations, in bulk by object group a single file or a Teams chat.

  • Integrated NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation

  • NetBackup uses this information to optimize performance and mitigate risk.

  • Providing intelligence across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

  • Easily identifies necessary changes

Kubernetes Multi-Cloud, Multi-Distribution Recovery

  • Kubernetes backups can now be directed to any storage target available in the NetBackup web UI.

  • Kubernetes data protection operations are effectively managed with NetBackup’s Elastic Cloud Auto-Scaling.

  • Kubernetes capabilities are fully integrated with all NetBackup ransomware resiliency functionality, ensuring data is always recoverable

Subscription Licensing Model

  • Subscription licensing ensures you have ongoing access to continued innovation, technical support and services.

  • With subscription licensing you can run NetBackup anywhere (eg. On premises, hosted, or in the cloud)

  • Subscription licensing is a necessary component to enable greater control of their enterprise data management costs and budgeting while make it easier to adopt modern, multi-cloud data management.

Cloud Scale Technology

More cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud with:

  • Elastic Backup and Recovery Services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure

  • Enhanced Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure

  • NetBackup Elastic Cloud Dedupe Services


  • Protect – Safeguarding data integrity with system hardening and immutability

  • Detect – Monitoring and reporting on system activities to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities

  • Recover – Automating and orchestrating complete cross-system restoration

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