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Veritas Netbackup Subscription Features & Enhanced Capabilities

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Most enterprise organizations are in the midst of modernizing their IT infrastructure and optimizing operations to take advantage of the unprecedented speed, scale, and efficiencies of cloud-first models. It is essential to have a simple, scalable infrastructure that ensures data protection across all environments. Veritas gives organizations the versatility and control to make their IT infrastructure more efficient and secure.

A Veritas software subscription provides greater alignment with your current and future IT and cloud plans, giving you more for your Veritas investment – more innovation, control, and value – to take your digital transformation even further.

Download Presentation below:

Subscription Customer Presentation
Download PDF • 1.65MB


Take advantage of new Veritas Netbackup subscription licensing to:

Advanced Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Provide DR solutions on-premise in different geographic locations. Support Physical, Virtual, and now extend the support to Cloud.

  • Instance Cloud Recovery solutions.

Advanced Cloud Deployment

  • ​Support AWS, Azure, Google Marketplace.

  • Support backup to cloud with Cloud API Integration. No agent required in cloud VM.

  • Auto deploy and load balance with NBU Autoscale feature.

Netbackup SaaS Protection Integration

  • ​Support 0365, Google workspace

IT Analytics Foundation

  • ​Provide comprehensive analytics and reporting for operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Immutability for Azure

  • ​Protect against ransomware with data immutability in Azure platform.

  • Enable WORM.

  • Against modification or deletion.

Malware Scanning

  • ​Perform on-demand scans of backup images for latent threats using the NetBackup Malware scanner.

Isolated Recovery Workflow

  • ​Sanboxing feature allow isolated the environment and test before restore.

Netbackup deduplication direct for Oracle

  • Support BYOD or Appliances unit with Netbackup Universal Share feature.

  • A Plug-in includes a set of libraries of functions that enable RMAN to work with NetBackup MSDP storage server.

  • Provides data ingest into an existing NetBackup deduplication pool (MSDP) or a NetBackup appliance using an NFS or a CIFS (SMB) share.

What customer benefits are realized by moving to subscription?

Improved ROI

  • Reduced administrative costs

  • Simplify software acquisition

  • Accelerate time to value

  • More value delivered via simple product bundles

  • Fewer contracts and easier transactions

Drive Your Success

  • Take advantage of competitive unit pricing as you scale your business

  • Convert at the cost of existing maintenance and support

  • Lower acquisition cost and TCO advantage vs perpetual

  • Predictable annual spend

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

  • Support your digital transformation

  • Future proof your cloud

  • Maximize your cloud investments

  • Access to cloud-native capabilities and innovation


What are the subscription benefits for individual software products?

Subscription customers will have access to new product features only available under subscription.

Are all subscription licensing benefits available to new and converted subscription licenses purchases?​

Why are we moving to a subscription model?

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