How to prevent Ransomware?

Ransomware just isn't going away. We polled 2,700 IT managers around the world to see how ransomware has impacted their organizations. Here's what we found....


of organizations think that anti-ransomware technology is important


of organizations currently have anti-ransomware technology


of organizations plan to implement anti-ransomware technology


of organizations have no plans to implement anti-ransomware technology

What is ransomware?

Ransomware : hackers hold you your files hostage until pay a fee

Pay for ransomware is RM 500k which gets you [more or less]: 
-4 cars
-67% of a house
-149,438 of chocolate bars

How do you stop it?

You can't , but you can restore data from cloud backup

46% of device were impacted in the most recent attacks

Traditional antivirus just isn't enough, 77% of organizations were running up-to date antivirus when hit by ransomware.

Any solution? 

Yes! Cloud backup can:

-Protect your data and system reliably

-Restore your data and system to earlier clean state

-Avoid issues with local backup files encrypted

-Ensure safety of your data

Other types of ransomware

Reveton & Cryptolocker = Most Common





-$500-100 typical ransom amounts

-650% increase in ransomware via social media

-230 types of files can be affected by ransomware