As a leading IT solution provider, Infowhiz specializes in a full range of IT solutions as below:

Network Infra & Security

Networks are everywhere. Computer networks let us share information and resources. In business world, more and more people rely computer networks to perform their work, such as emails, VOIP, video conference, data sharing etc. 

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Disaster Recovery

Disasters of many kinds strike organizations around the world on an almost daily basis. But most of these disasters never make the news headlines because they occur at the local level. 

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Enterprise System & Storage 

Our extensive server and storage solutions and services does include system and storage maintenance, consolidation, data recovery, storage assessment, design, deploy and comprehensive approach in managing the changes requirements over time.

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Cloud Computing

One-stop, round-the-clock data center hosting include servers, database, storage, internet connection. System administration, backup and recovery and hosting are provided with value-added services.

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