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Security & Networking

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

The increased deployment of cloud, SaaS, video and mobile applications has challenged IT and business managers to provide high-quality WAN services to the branch. Deploying and managing the WAN has become more challenging and costly as traffic flows decentralize.

SD-WAN has emerged as one of the most transformative enterprise networking technologies in recent years. At Infowhiz, we have a team of experts that can help with the adoption of this technology.


Our SD-WAN solutions offers compelling advantages for distributed organizations with critical branch operations, including the benefits of business agility, improved application performance and lower costs of bandwidth. Distributed organizations should consider SD-WAN solutions on the basis of their ease of use and management, ability to integrate with their existing MPLS network and the intelligence to automatically adjust traffic flows to current network conditions.

What’s driving interest in SD-WAN?

  1. Cost savings from the ability to use low-cost Internet circuits for enterprise WAN

  2. Simplified, secure branch office connectivity over any (and all) transport types

  3. No manual VPN key / certificate / IP address management

  4. Transport agnostic, with the ability to intelligently use circuits simultaneously without traditional PBR / ACLs / object tracking complexity

  5. Application-layer policies and forwarding decisions

  6. Centralized configuration and management of entire WAN

  7. Detailed insights into path performance, application usage, top talkers, etc.

Learn what is software-defined networking (SDN) and how it offers more agility, easier management, and better user-centricity than traditional networking architectures.

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Cyber Security

The Internet now accounts for the majority of traffic traversing enterprise networks. The Internet has spawned a new generation of applications being accessed by network users for both personal and business use. Many of these applications help improve user and business productivity, while other applications consume large amounts of bandwidth, pose needless security risks, and increase business liabilities — for example, data leaks and compliance. 


Do you aware that new threats are built to run covertly on networks and systems, quietly collecting sensitive or personal data, and going undetected for as long as possible? This approach helps to preserve the value of the stolen data and enables repeated use of the same exploits and attack vectors. As a result, threats have become increasingly sophisticated.  


Targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs), against specific organizations or individuals are the latest major concern. Hackers develop customized attack mechanisms to take advantage of the specific equipment, systems, applications, configurations, and even personnel employed in a specific organization or at a given location, and quietly collect sensitive data over extended periods. The increasing speed and sophistication of threats emphasize the need for proactive countermeasures with extensive visibility and control at the application-layer of the network computing stack.

We provide the cybersecurity solutions, to screen thru each application and communications from and within the company and internet, constantly monitoring the activities endpoints. 

Infowhiz’s intelligence-driven approach:

  • Helps proactively find known threats and hunt unknown threats, enabling identification of threat actors who have penetrated your enterprise’s network.

  • Ensures our experts apply specialize techniques, combined with industry threat intelligence data derived and responding to scores of large-scale incidents annually.

  • Employs behavior analytics allowing our experts to identify indicators of malicious activity and significantly reduce attacker dwell time, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Learn What Is Ransomware?

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