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The Infowhiz Story

More than 18 years ago, we came together as a business with a mission to improve the application of technology for our clients. Since then, the IT industry has undergone massive growth and evolution — and we’ve been there, every step of the way. 

Today, we are one of the leading IT solution provider and system integrator in Malaysia. We have worked in partnership with clients of all sizes – from mid-market to large corporation – to innovate and help them achieve their vision for growth with consulting and technology management.

Backed by a proven track record of success, Infowhiz has over 30 employees serving more than 1,200 clients within Malaysia. Throughout the years, we’ve grown into a prominent player in the technology industry with a team of great people that provide managed IT services with 24×7 technical support.


We’ve been a technology partner for world-class IT solution manufacturers named VMware, F5, Veeam, HPE, Acronis, Commvault and more.

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Our Story
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Infowhiz Vision & Mission

Our vision: Optimize IT infrastructure for Business.


Our mission: We invest in three drivers of growth: Assist, Trust & Collaborate. We believe that with these 3 pillars of growth, we are able to success to both customers and the company.


Assist customer in digital transformation.


Provide a trust solution with customer-oriented mindset.


Serve the customer like the way we work for them.

Our Vision & Mission

InfoWhiz Values & Goals

Our values: InfoWhiz is guided by an enduring set of Values that defines our relationship with employees, customers, and our communities.

Customer First

Engage and increase value to customers; extend reach to new customers.

Think Big

Develop an innovative, world class solution and services.

Care for the Teammates and Be Human, Be Humble

Build a strong, healthy organization.

Do Good. Do Well.

Experiment and develop a sustainable business model.

Our goals: We focus on goals and Grow, Fight & Shine Together in line with our aspirations, technologies and customers.


Be valuable to customer and increase customer satisfaction.


Make our company an outstanding brand recognized on our solutions and services.


Cultivate a healthy work environment, with helping each other grow in all aspect.

Values & Goals

Infowhiz is a place where high achievers embrace change and thrive—together.

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