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ACRONIS - Cyber Protection

Cyber Protection is essential for Business - Safeguarding Your Digital Assets. In today's interconnected world, robust cybersecurity is essential for businesses to protect their valuable data and operations. 

What is Cyber Protection?

Cyber protection refers to the measures and practices implemented to safeguard digital systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, cyber threats, and potential security breaches. It involves a combination of technologies, processes, and strategies designed to detect, prevent, and respond to various forms of cyberattacks.


Cyber protection encompasses a wide range of security measures, including network security, endpoint protection, data encryption, access controls, threat intelligence, incident response, and ongoing monitoring. The goal of cyber protection is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital assets, as well as to mitigate risks and minimize the impact of potential cyber incidents on businesses and individuals.

What is Cyber Protection

Why Your Organization Needs Cyber Protection?


Protection against cyber threats

Cybersecurity measures help protect businesses from evolving cyber threats like malware, ransomware, and data breaches.


Safeguarding sensitive data

Businesses handle sensitive data, and cybersecurity protects it from breaches.


Business continuity and reputation management

Cybersecurity helps prevent disruptions, losses, and reputation damage from attacks.

Introducing ACRONIS Cyber Protect

Safeguard all your data, applications, systems, and devices from one cutting-edge platform - Acronis. 

Data, applications, systems, and productivity of every organization require protection from loss and theft caused by cyber attacks, hardware failure, natural disasters, or human error. 

Acronis would help you decrease risk while increasing productivity and ensuring that your organization is #CyberFit for system management that supports clients’ needs, global companies, and organizations dealing with sensitive data.


Understand better how Acronis can help different types of customers.

For businesses

Acronis Cyber Protect gives you the peace of mind to know your business is covered, with zero-day malware and ransomware protection, backup and forensic investigations.

For service providers

Acronis Cyber Protect keeps your clients data protected, with security, backup, disaster recovery, automation and management seamlessly integrated in one simple platform.

For employees

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