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Veeam Data Platform

Simplify, Accelerate, and Transform Your Data Management Journey. Experience Seamless Data Protection, Availability, and Insights. Empower Your Business with Veeam's Trusted Solutions for Today's Data-driven World.

Introducing Veeam Data Platform

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Veeam Data Platform is a leading solution that revolutionizes data management and protection for businesses worldwide. With a rich history spanning over a decade, Veeam has consistently delivered innovative technologies to help organizations harness the power of their data.

As businesses continue to generate vast amounts of data, Veeam Data Platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify data management processes. From seamless backup and recovery to intelligent data analysis, Veeam enables businesses to protect their critical information, ensure high availability, and gain valuable insights. With its robust and user-friendly features, Veeam Data Platform empowers organizations to maximize the value of their data, drive operational efficiency, and fuel growth.

Experience the future of data management with Veeam Data Platform and unlock the full potential of your business's most valuable asset — your data.

What is Veeam

"Veeam helps you recover your data faster: any data, anywhere you need it, recovered safely and reliably. That’s radical resilience."


What's New in Veeam Data Platform

Early Threat Detection

Proactive Threat Hunting

Get a Second Opinion

Guarantee Survival

Avoid Reinfection

Automate Clean Recovery

Recover With Precision

Verify Security and Compliance

Put the Spotlight on Malware

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