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Browse available job openings at InfoWhiz. We are hiring cyber security, network engineering, and more IT professionals. 

At Infowhiz, we have a long track record of success and the most important part of this is our people. The members of our team are treated as just that, People, instead of numbers. This means that every person’s opinion and experiences are valued equally. As a member of our team, our employees work with some of the smartest minds in the industry. This learning experience and growth opportunity is unique in our field. If you want to work at a company that truly values you, welcome to join our team!

Available Positions

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Resident Engineer Contract (Veeam,HDS,HDPDP) 

Contract for 6 months + 6 months subject to customer's exception

Job Description:

Backup Maintenance

  • Provide 1st Level Support (24x7) to monitor healthiness of backup jobs;

  • Provide 1st Level Support to perform troubleshooting of failed backups and perform relevant escalation to relevant parties including the application owner.

  • Provide 2nd Level Support (Office hours and standby)

  • Provide monitoring ,support and troubleshooting for backup on premise and on AWS Cloud.

  • Provide continuous improvements services for backup to ensure it is covered from security vulnerabilities, bugs and other problem related to stability of the system. This includes patch management,major and minor system upgrade, hardware firmware and security fix.

  • Performs system/data restoration based on business requirement, on demand request or recurrent restore activity.

  • Perform backup testing for new backup job requirement : ensure it can integrate with existing backup infrastructure or services.

  • Conduct or participate in recurrent disaster recovery test to ensure the readiness of DR at all time with other stakeholders.

  • Conduct thorough incident root cause analysis (RCA). This includes finding and executing permanent solution to the repetitive issue or outage; participate in discussion with other stakeholder and documenting all the analysis and technical steps for the permanent solution to ensure its is avoidable in future.

Backup Management 

  • Provide backup management support including backup job configuration,scheduling, tape library integration, test restore, new backup request, decommissioning of unused backup.

  • Perform media handling management including tape handling, tape rotation, transfer media from tape library to vault, purchasing new tape, tape inventory update and disposal of unused or faulty tapes. If necessary, the supplier will work with the governance team to handover the media to the security personnel for offsite storage and/or return the media on-site.

  • Perform backup administration to ensure the information and job is up-to-date and adheres to DIGI policy. This includes but not limited to annual backup specification review, updating backup matrix information documentation and KPI monitoring.


Incident Handling

  • Incident Identify

  • Incident Escalation

  • Incident Diagnosis

  • Incident Tracking

  • Implement Interim Solution

  • Service Restoration

  • Incident Resolution

  • Support Digi TOC to Verify Incident Resolution (i.e. verify and confirm that customer status/profile is restored)

  • Incident Closure & Report



Patch Update

  • Patch validation in test-bed (if applicable)

  • Patch planning

  • Adherence to Digi's change management process

  • Patch apply

  • Patch effectiveness validation

  • Patch problems resolve if happens

  • Monitoring for stability period after patch

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Network Resident Engineer

Contract for 6 months + 6 months subject to customer's exception

Job Description:

  • Monitor daily network, travel from Firewall to Coreswitch

  • Perform troubleshooting on network, firewall and core switch job if any.

  • Initiate escalation to product vendors or principles for resolution/workaround.

  • Provide ownership of troubleshooting process, if multiple vendors involve.

  • Provide/Prepare daily Network Security related issues report as per customer require in a predefined format.

  • Submit incident/problem report management,after each problem had been resolved if necessary.

  • Support ongoing efforts in defining best practice policies for Network Security product and applications used by Client.

  • Involve in software upgrade/patch/fixes activity.

  • Submission of Key Performance Indexes (KPI) and Weekly Operation Reporting such as utilization, errors, malware, breaching, threats, vulnerabilities and any other related Network Security issues.

  • Any other related task within Network Security product line and issues as and when requested by client

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