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Highlights & Insights

Cisco Umbrella - Simple to deploy and easy to manage cybersecurity

Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the Internet for users on or off the corporate network. Umbrella delivers complete visibility into Internet activity across all locations and endpoints and can proactively block malicious requests before a connection is established.

Umbrella helps organizations to:

  • Stop attacks earlier

  • Identify already-infected devices faster

  • Prevent data exfiltration

Feature Spotlights:

  • Cisco Umbrella offers the protection for both enterprise, home network, any connect, through the filtering of all DNS requests that are done under your domain and determine the URL.

  • Cisco Umbrella is a secure cloud platform that provides you a defense against threats, Umbrella is DNS and IP layers.

  • Cisco Umbrella secures your enterprise from malware, Phishing Etc…

  • Cisco Umbrella provides complete visibility into internet activity

  • Cisco Umbrella is working without any latency

Key Benefits:

  • Gives customers access to 30+ endpoints

  • Removes one-to-one matching limitation in searches

  • Provides a more trusted, scalable platform for filtering and querying

Umbrella Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)


  • Umbrella remote browser isolation (RBI) allows security admins to isolate risky/unknown websites and web applications in a remote browser in the cloud, protecting the endpoint and user against potential threats.


  • Rapid deployment without any change to existing user browser

  • Neutralizes the most prevalent cyberattack vectors – web browsing, email, and documents

  • Air-gaps browser-executable code, email links and downloads safely away from endpoints

  • Works with all browsers, devices, and operating systems

  • On-demand scalability as organizations add web isolation to cover incremental users


  • Streamlines IT operations by minimizing false positives and helpdesk tickets

  • Boosts productivity by expanding web access

  • Protects against zero-day threats


  • Available now for net-new customers

  • Existing customers will be transitioned to rules-based policies within six weeks of GA

Umbrella Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


  • Umbrella data loss prevention (DLP) is a cloud-native service that leverages the Umbrella SWG proxy to analyze sensitive data in-line and provide visibility and control to sensitive data leaving your organization.


  • Identifies sensitive data in motion for identities, data, and select cloud applications

  • Monitor and protect against data leakage


  • Leverage 80+ built-in content classifiers including PII, PCI, and PHI

  • Customize built-in content classifiers with threshold and proximity to tune and reduce false positives

  • Create user-defined dictionaries with custom phrases (such as project code names)

  • Detect and report on sensitive data usage and use drill-down reports to help identify misuse

  • Inspects cloud app and web traffic content and enforce data policies to protect

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