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DELL : Data storage

Dell's comprehensive range of storage solutions empowers businesses to implement tailored strategies that optimize data management, enhance operational resilience, and drive growth.

Storage is Essential for Business Today

In the digital age, the volume of data generated by businesses has grown exponentially. From customer information and financial records to product data and operational analytics, companies today are accumulating vast amounts of information that need to be stored, managed, and accessed efficiently. Having a robust storage solution is critical for businesses in this environment.

The Importance of Business Storage Solutions

  1. Secure Data Storage and Retrieval: A well-designed storage system allows businesses to securely store and retrieve data as needed, reducing the risk of data loss or corruption.

  2. Cost-Effective Storage: By optimizing storage capacity and leveraging cloud-based or on-premises solutions, businesses can significantly reduce their storage costs, avoiding the need for costly hardware upgrades or maintenance.

  3. Improved Productivity and Efficiency: A reliable storage infrastructure enables seamless collaboration, data sharing, and real-time decision-making, ultimately improving overall business productivity and efficiency.

  4. Avoiding Data Silos and Bottlenecks: The lack of a comprehensive storage solution can lead to data silos, storage bottlenecks, and increased IT expenses, hampering a company's ability to scale and adapt to changing market demands.

  5. Exploring Storage Options: To address these challenges, businesses today are exploring a range of storage options, including on-site servers, cloud-based storage platforms, and hybrid solutions that combine the benefits of both approaches.

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Dell Technologies

Functionality You Will Love


Smart Infrastructure

Get more value from your data with a modern IT environment – on-premises and in public clouds.


Comprehensive Data Security

Protect your data from cyber threats with intrinsic security, immutability, an air-gapped cyber vault and analytics for data recovery.


Sustainable Data Center

Improve your energy efficiency without compromising performance with data reduction and more.



Simplify multicloud storage with a universal storage layer, across public, private and edge locations.



Eco-Friendly Design


Multilingual Functionality


Advanced Tech





24/7 Support

Storage Solutions


Dell EMC Storage

  • PowerStore: Flexible, intelligent, and adaptable storage platform for diverse workloads.

  • PowerMax: High-performance, enterprise-grade storage for mission-critical applications.

  • Unity XT: All-flash and hybrid storage arrays for midrange and distributed environments.

  • PowerScale (formerly Isilon): Scalable, software-defined storage for unstructured data.


Dell Cloud Storage

  • Dell EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage): Object storage platform for large-scale, cloud-native applications.

  • Dell EMC PowerScale (formerly Isilon): Scalable, software-defined storage for unstructured data in the cloud.


Dell Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  • VxRail: Turnkey, VMware-based hyperconverged infrastructure appliances.

  • PowerFlex (formerly ScaleIO): Software-defined, scale-out storage and compute platform.


Dell Data Protection

  • Dell EMC Avamar: Comprehensive backup and recovery solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • Dell EMC Data Domain: High-performance, deduplicated backup and archiving appliances.


Dell APEX Storage-as-a-Service

Flexible, consumption-based storage solutions with cloud-like agility and scalability.

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